101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Clip

Species: Common Lizard (these don't actually live in America but he was imported from Britain.)

Gender: Male

Personality: He dosen't talk, but he's a sweet guy, to the dogs and other larger animals (cats, birds,cows, etc.) that is.  At night he leads a rebellion against mice under the florrboards in the barn.  Silky has no idea he does this though.  He loves cookies, especially Silky's famous (or not) Chocolate Cream Gooey Carmel Toffee Toothrotting Crunch. (made with dog chocolate, of course.)   He's usually willing to help others, but nobody can ever understand him.  If only those mammals would learn to speak lizard.  Clip is treated as a part pet-part friend by Silky.  He usually rides around on her back, squeaking exitedly whenever he hears the word 'chocolate'.  Silky thinks he is cute, but if you asked one of the mice he fights, they would say he is ruthless, merciless, and cruel.