101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Cactus

Age: 8 months (10 years in dog years)

Gender: Male

Size: Same as Doc

Collar: Blue

Appearance: His appearance is where he gets his name from.  His ears bears resemblance to a cactus leaf whle his dipstick like tail is like a cactus flower.  He also has a black patch of fur over his right eye and his front left paw has the same type of pattern like his tail.

Bio: Cactus is an intelligent (especially on maths) & friendly type of pup.  He came to the farm when he was never adopted from the pet shop he came from and the store owner sent him to a place which seems to have a good reputation for looking after dogs.  His favorite time of the year is the summer when things are at their hottest; he can even stand in the sun on the hottest day of the yearand would have no desire to go for a swim.  He does have his downsides though.  When the mail comes he can rip it to shreds just as soon as it comes from the mail slot, and even if the humans are able to get it before him, he usually sneaks off with it later for shredding.  His personality is prickly just like his appearance; he is quite sensitive and short-tempered so when upset can be diffcult.  However he is still a nice pup to be around.

Friends: Freckles, Patch, Indiana, Puffy and sometimes enjoys the company ogf Grandpa

Likes: Hot days and food (sometimes table scraps)

Dislikes: Cold, Mail (however he does act friendly to the mailman for some strange reason)

Voice Artist: Tommy Knight