101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Bolt

Age: Like another regular puppy

Breed: Dalmatian

Weight: Medium (About the same as Lucky)

Height: Medium(About thesame as Lucky)

Country: South America-Brazil

Gender: Male

Appearance: Big black thunder spot on his back, blue eyes, medium size tail and ears and his collar is red, random spots on his body.

Qualities: Good in sports, running and have a very impressive imagination.

Weak spot: Don't know swiming.

Likes/Interests: Music, games and to hang out with other pups

Hates: Cruella De-Vil, Lt. Pug, Jasper and Horace


Friends: Everyone in the farm

Bio: He loves to watch TV, he is a super-fan of Thunderbolt and a very skillfull playing videogames and in computer related things, he is very active and love to play with the other pups, he is polite adventureous and romantic.  Sometimes he is too conceated or two adventureous putting others in big problems because of this type of attiude, he remembers every single one episode of Thunderbolt and likes to relate things of Thunderbolt cartoon with real life.  He likes to hear Colonel stories and Bark Brigade's classes, but he can't stand at all about Pug, he is a medium dog in the Bsark Brigade ranks, but he wants to be the Cadget of the Month  and a top-level dog.

Music: Simple Plan, My Chemical Romance, Lost Propherts, Iron Maiden, Daft Punk, Thunderbolt OST, he has his own style of music.

Quotes: "Mom can we watch TV?"  "Come on guys we need to stop this!"  "It's time for the Hero!" (Imitating Thunderbolt's voice)  "When can we watch Thunderbolt?"