101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Bo

Breed: Dalmatian dog

Type: Quadrapedic

Gender: Male

Demeanor: Between Good and heroic

Size: Normal

Appearance: Standard color spots, green collar with disco ball dog tag, one ear white with spots shaped like they say "70s", other ear black.

Likes: Disco and classic rock music, 70s culture, ABA basketball, his pet rock "Granite"

Hates: Goverment scandal, hippies, streaking

Loves: None yet

Friends: Patriot, others to be decided

Talents: Darn good character (albeit it disco dancing), enjoys basketball

Bio: What Roxy is to the 1980s, Bo is to the 1970s.  His "blast from the past" attitude harkens back to the era of disco, Shaft and gas for less than a dollar.  Bo loves 70s culture and it shows in his speech, mannerisms and the fact he has that Farrah poster.

Personal Motto: "Evil is for jive turkeys"