101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Blade

Height: 5'-5

Weight: 135

Race: Magi Dalmatian

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Alignment: Magi

Techniques: He is a very skilled swordsman who uses a Katana most of the time, but with his incredible strength he sometimes wields both his Katana and a Zweihander.  He also has the intelligent of a mage.  He can use black magic and from time to time fuse his magic with his Katana to make it an even more deadly blade.

History: Born in the world of Magi, Blade was the most spectacular of that entire race.  His abilities surpassed all of those who were once thought to be the most powerful of the Magi.  None of the Magi were able to weild and fuse their magic to any type of a blade, due it be a dagger or a knife.  He eventually left his home through a forbidden portal that lead straight to Earth.  Once there he met Wolfblade and Angel and from that point on he had become friends with the two.  Wolfblade and Blade would spar everyday and, everyday would be the same results.  No one won.  Blade's hopes are to one day surpass Wolf's abilities and defeat him in a sparing match.