101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Blade

Age: About the same as Ace and Candi and his bestest friends Fizzy.

Breed: Dalmatian Fox

Peraonality: Blade is one of the friendilest people you could ever meet.  He never wants to see any of his friends upset so he does his best to cheer them up.  Blade is sort of a clown and will do anything to make a friend laugh if they are upset.  Blade loves to go on adventures to places he's never been before.  And most of the time avoids fights.  But, if anybody ever tries to make fun of Fizzy or fight with Fizzy.  That's when Blaze is totally different.  He will put his life on the line whenever he sees anybody putting down Fizzy in any way.  Him and Fizzy had been best friends since they were no more than babies.  So Blade feels it's his responcibility to look out for him.  He loves to makes new friends and loves to play any games that you could think of.  He loves to race and wrestle with other kids especially Fizzy.  He also loves to sneak up on unexpecting victims to give them a little scare.  He doesn't really like baths but he won't put up a fight or anything when it's time for him to get a bath.  He is kinda different than the other pups he actually loves to watch American baseball.  It had always been something he has enjoyed ever since he saw it one day on the TV.

Likes: Fizzy, Hiroki, Tailspin, sneaking up on people, playing, swimming, just to chill and watch his favorite baseball team