101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Berial

Species/Breed: Dalmatian/Demon

Shape: Quadrapedic

Eyes color: Green

Height: Same as Lucky's

Weight: Same as Lucky's

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Build: Swordmaster, Tricker skills, Fighter and Gunfighter

Description: He has white ears, dark brown hair, and he's got fire black spots all over his body.  He has a red blood Devil Bringer on his arms (Same as Nero from DMC4) that he can punch everything and biggest monsters and he can use his Devil Bringer can snatch to grab enemy like a rope grabing hook and throw really hard cause it's so powerful and pure deadly.

Likes/Interests: Fight, strong pups

Hates: Weak puos

Friends: Jamie, Ayam and Raven

  1. 1 Best Friend: None

Love: None cause he doesn't care about love

Theme Music: The Time Has Come by Devil May Cry 4 OST

Weapons: Dark fire blade, two Vash's guns and Red Devil Bringer

Devil Trigger Transformed: Red Demon Dragon with long tail and big dragon wings (half  Pup/half Demon Dragon form)

Appearance: He's a Demon Pup who lives in the farm.  He also lives in the Demon World, he fights bad pups and demons, he he dosen't care about love or anything.