101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Banshee

Gender: Female

Breed: Grey Wolf

Eyes: Green

Age: About the same as Frenzy when he's in his rage mode

Height: Same height as Frenzy when he's inh is rage mode

Appearance: Looks like a grey wolf, but her hair is slightly different, giving herself a hairstyle of sorts.

Decription: She too was an experiment from the same lab as Bombshell.  She escaped the same time as Bombshell had escaped.  She too, like others from the lab, has powers, and her ones consit of increased speed and stamina, strength that is much more than others, but not as much as Purge or Frenzy as well as a deadly scream ability that canr ip a normal person to shreds, not to mention sharp claws too to rip anyone up with ease too.  When she saw Frenzy for the first time, he was fighting Purge, and found Frenzy to be rather intriuging, mainly for fighting and once she fought him, she too found it to be rather fun.

Likes: To fight Frenzy as well

Dislikes: Frenzy

Friends: No one

Enemies: Mainly Frenzy, as she finds enjoyment in fighting him.

Loves: No one

Goal(s): Unknown