101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Baddy

Gender: Male

Species: Dalmatian (dog)

Age: 14 (dog years)

Eyes: Green

Friends: Hesso, Clayton, Nuke

Enemies: All De-Vils including Vendella, Diana

Collar: Brown

Over him: From him is seen his left ear in the sharp one black.  The spots on his back are looking like an X.

Girlfriend: None (not yet but lets look what coming soon)

Bio: He's a wannabe Casanova, who likes girls.  All day he tries to flirt with the girls but I think Girlfriend: None says enough.  He's living at the farm with the other puppies and he is, apart from his flirtation urge quite normally and sometimes has to say what the quite clever.

Best Friend: None, everyone is his friend.