101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki


Sex: Female

Spot Pattern: Same as her mother's bu reversed (the spots are on the opposite shoulder)

Info: The only one of the three not to inherit the Faust family's signature wings.  She has the power of absorbing other abilities like her mother, but can't control it as well, and can easily hurt herself with it.


Sex: Male

Spot Pattern: "Flaming" ears and tail in the same fashion as Volkner's frong legs.  Random spots everywhere else.

Theme Song: I Stand Alone- Godsmack

Info: He's somewhat antisocial, and a firebug.  He isn't all that friendly, and has black dragon like wings, similar to Sigurd's, and Volkner's right wing, which he keeps hidden most of the time to appear normal.


Sex: Male

Spot Pattern: His right shoulder blade, down to some of his side is black, and he has black wars, mostly random spots elsewhere.

Info: He is much like his father, but a bit more cheery.  He inherited the white angelic wings like Sylia's and Volkner's left wing.