101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Aquina

Breed: Dalmatian (half liver spotted)

Weight: Light

Colors: White, black, brown

Eye Color: brown

Gender: Female

Height: below average

Hobbies: Swimming, Dancing, Singing

Age: Younger than most of the others

Friends: Vivance, Zoey, Chify, Radien, Sonya, Ringer, Springy

Loves: Vivance

Hates: Shade, Diana

Best Friend: Vivance

Fav. Langugaes: (in order) Russian, French, Dutch

Talents: Exceptionally good at singing and swimer

Fav. Songs: My Heart Will go On, and many others

Information: She was an orphan because her parents were killed after going against an evil dog, her six older sisters were also murdered, soon after the evil dog was never seen again and there is a bit of mystery behind it. She wasn't known by other pups before because she kept herself hidden, the only pup that had known her up to recently was Vivance, She had always lived at Hiccup Hole. She also like Cadpig is the runt of her litter but not as small as Cadpig but not much bigger.