101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Anzu

Breed: Dalmatian

Sex: Female

Color Type: White and Brown spots

Eye Color: Black

Size: Bigger than Lucky; a bit smaller than Patch

Weight 7-8 lbs

Likes: almost all the pups on the farm

Hates: No one at the moment

Loves: Buzzsaw

Description: A kind gentle pup.  She stumbled onto the farm one day and decided to stay there, therefore not being part of the Dearlys.  She have been living on the farm for two years already and still has to get to know some.  She's on the overweight side but only by 3-4 lbs.  Her weight does not keep her from being active though.

Spot Pattern: All her paws are brown. Her tail is half brown.  She has a big spot on her back, near where her tail is.  She has 3 spots on her right hind leg.  Both of her ears are brown.

Clothing: An indigo collar.  She also wears a clip-on earring on her right ear.