101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Anya Romani

Timeline: Second Generation

Farm Resident: Yes

Collar: Red

Gender: Female

Size: Lithe, Average

Eyes: Brown

Appearance: A triangle shaped patch over the right eye and an earring in the left, white ears, random spots.

Info: She is Kit's niece and the daughter of Hat (Kit's older brother) and an unknown mother.  Hat's untimely passing happened very early in Anya's infancy, thus she has no memory of her actual parents.  There was a debate wether Lon (a red fox, Hat's best friend and the child godfather) or Kit would take responsiblity over the orphan.  In Lon's grief he ran away, thus leaving Anya in Kit's care.  Since then, she was raised by Kit.  Kit poured all his wisdom into the child, who grew up to be a lively, enthusiastic and playful child.  But as Anya grew older she began to miss the company of dogs her age.  Thus Kit eventually took the descision to have her live on the farm.  Anya is adventorous, but shy, concerned about polite behavior.  She is very fascinated with boys, often giggeling in their prescence.  Having a new home, Anya has grown to become a little territorial.  She likes to show any visitor to the farm welcome in "her" home.  She is a very sensitive girl; the slightest compliment can have her bubble up in joy, while strict criticism easily has her down.  She can easily be moved to tears, be unruly when infuriated, or be absolutely bouncy when happy.  She speaks with a soft accent.