101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Andrew 'Andy'

Sex: Male

Age: 16 (Dog years)

Breed: German Shepherd

Height: 1'5 from head down

Weight: 6 1/2 pounds

Eye Color: Blueish green

Hair color: Brown/cream undercoat

Friends: Main pups, Nuke, Buzzsaw, Puffy, etc.

Hates: Mooch, Whizzer, Dipstick, Tac, etc.

Best Friend: Creampuff.  Known her for a while and tends to stay with her almost everyday.

Description: A normal German Shepherd puppy, Andy is smarty, agile and kind-hearted.  He lives in a small self/made mud hut by the swamp.  He made the hut by himself.  He's the long lost son of Thunderbolt trough recently found a photo with him in it.  He has no way to go and see his father so he visits the farm from going insane from being in the hut by himself.

Clothing: A black spiked collar