101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Amelia

Species: Lion cub

Gender: Female

Demeanor: Good

Weight Classification: Average lion cub weight

Appearance: Her fur is more of a golden like color, for her, nothing that makes her look different from the others

Bio: She's a friendly lion cub for starters, her attitude is much like that ogf Luna and Ember.  How she came to the farm and all was that she was originally from Africa until she was captured by poachers and bought over to the zoo where she ended up in an enclosure with two other cubs as well, Aimee and Hailey.  However, she got rather bored of the zoo real quickly and actually managed to escape, but with one regret at the time, which was telling Aimee how she felt about her.  Though, later on that same day, she did get up the courage to tell Aimee and before long, the two of them began dating.

Friends: Luna, Ember

Enemies: No one at the moment

Romance: Aimee

Name: Aimee

Species: Lion cub

Gender: Female

Demeanor: Good

Weight Classification: Same as Amelia

Appearance: She looks a little different than Amelia does as well as a golden fur like color, she also has light brown patches as well, one in particular on her right arm.

Bio: She and Hailey were in the same enclosure when Ameila was bought in.  Upon Amelia's time there, Aimee was watching her rather closely too, to see that she was afraid on talking to her.  However, when Amelia escaped that day, she was rather heartbroken that she had just taken off like that, yet, when Amelia had returned later on that day, she was indeed, rather happy and before long, the two had escaped.

Friends: Drake

Enemies: Hailey

Romance: Ameila

Name: Hailey

Species: Lion cub

Gender: Female

Demeanor: Anti-Hero

Weight Classification: Same as the other two

Appearance: Her appearance is a bit more simpler in a way, her hairdo is a little more ruffled than usual as her fur color is a tad more darker than the others.

Bio: When Amelia arrived at the zoo, she was rather determind to be with her, but yet, wanted to wait and see as well to see who Amelia were to choose out of her and Aimee.  However, when Amelia had chosen Aimee over her, she got rather upset and seemed to have formed a jealous hatred towards Aimee and at the moment, would do whatever it takes to win over Amelia's heart away from Aimee.

Friends: No one at the moment

Enemies: Aimee

Romance: She's in love with Amelia herself.  But now, she's with Kyra at the moment.

Voice Actor: Lacey Chabert