101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Allie

Gender: Female

Age: Same as Doc

Height: Same as Doc

Eyes: Blue

Side: Good

Collar: Curtain

Appearance: She has bruises under her curtain-collar, very pretty has a spot in the shape of a star and crescent moon on her bavck.

Bio: Runt of the litter always picked on by other puppies and strangled by owner until bruises started to show that's why she has the curtain-collar.  She then ran away and ended up on the Dearly Farm where she met Doc and became friends with him.  She is smart, has a good sense of humour and is also very independent, she mainly likes to think what she thinks is right and sometimes doesn't listen to Pongo or Perdy which can lead her into getting lost and then difficult situations.  In one universe, Doc met her after she ran away and they started travelling together in the tardis ( that is a alternate universe).  However in our universe she is a common pup on the farm who Doc is too timid to talk to.

Likes: Singing and Dancing

Friends: Doc, Clayton, Kendra,

Voice Actress: Alyson Stoner