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Name: Alex

Race: Husky

Gender: Male

Age: 1 (in dog years)

Appearance: A semi small pure white husky with blue eyes and with an X shaped scar on his chest.

History: Born in Alaska, Alex was a very timid puppy who spent very little time with the other huskies.  He grew up to be a very weak puppy who could barley fend for himself.  His pack was attacked by another pack of huskies and, he ran away because he wasn't able to do anything to help.  After a couple of days past, the surviving members of his old pack found him.  The leader of what was left of his old pack bit him right square in the middle of his chest leaving a X shaped wound on his chest.  He was exiled from his pack.  So he wandered his way around the North American continet scavenging what other carnivores had left.  He wandered his way to the Dearly Farm and Roger saw him and felt sorry for the poor pup and decided to take him in  and help him

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