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Name: Alex

Breed: Golden Labrador Retriever

Gender: Male

Age: Not as old as Kendra but older than Doc

Size: Same as Kendra

Collar: Dark Green

Eyes: Brown

Description: Alex spent the first few months of his life growing up in a pet store.  It is here where he met Kendra and started a brother and sister type frienship.  While he lived in the pet shop, he was a quite active pup and always was asking Kendra to play with him.  Pretty soon he got fed up with the store and attempted to escape.  Many weeks (and a few failed escape attempts) past before Kendra was taken from the pet store during the events of the original 101 story, leaving him deeply upset.  A few weeks later, he was able to escape the Pet Store and set it as one of his objectives to find Kendra.  While he lived off the streets, he went to this street party held by a Dalmatian named Hat and a Fox named Lon.  During the party, he drank some special water Hat and Lon found (which unaware to them was Alcohol) and suffered an extreme hang over the following morning.  In one alternate future, four years past without any luck of him finding Kendra, but then the events of 'Starlight Barking' happened where he accepted Sirius's offer to go back to Dog Star.  A few months after he went back with Sirius, he fought in the war against the Kre'Iax where the radiation from the weapons mutated him and to save his life; was turned into one of those spheres which went on to enslave the Earth when the paradox machine went online.  Another 4 years later, he was captured by the Dearly resistance where Kendra discovered who the Engelador really are.  He was then shot to death by Nuke after saying the reason the spheres kill was just for laughs.  On the current timeline, he was found by Kendra the night after Hat and Lon's party.  She took him back to the farm where he was given a license which made him become another pup to the Dearly family and now has a home on the farm.  In this timeline, he never went with Sirius or became one of the spheres.

Likes: Adventure

Dislikes: Boredom

Friends: Notably Kendra.

Voice Actor: Toby Maguire

Notable fan fictions The Final Game The Gypsy Stream of Consciousness