101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Abyss

Sex: Male

Age: ageless, Scythe (the reaper) has not allowed him to die.

Breed: Husky

Coat: Gray and White

Eyes: Blue

Bio: Abyss is effectively an apprentice of Death (Scythe).  He was orphaned as a child, and often pushed to the side by others, leading him to beleive he had no purpose.  He aimlessly searched for his own purpose, until one day he encountered Scythe.  He has a thing for blades, especially scythes, and almost always carries a golden bladed sycthe with him.  He attempted to kill Scythe and take his place as the reaper, but failed.  Scythe found his continuning attempts to kill him amusing, and refused to let him die as a punishment.  One day, Abyss dropped his blade and surrendered.  Abyss was given two choices-death, or become his apprentice, following his every command, no matter the task.