101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Abel

Gender: Male

Breed: Dalmatian

Eyes: Green

Age: Roughly the same as the others

Height: Normal height

Appearance: His spots don't form anything in particular, except for a group of spotsthat resemble a question markaround his chest area.

Description: He's rather friendly indeed, but yet, has a curse, how he likes to put it, and so defeat Cain.  Much like on Prince of Persia, he has something within him, which happens to be his brother, thanks to a curse put upon him and his brother, Cain that they're to share the same body.

Likes: Just, hanging out more or less as well as playing some video games here and there too.

Dislikes: Well, being put down really, especially by Cain.

Friends: Doesn't really have any friends that much.

Enemies: Cain (Well, he doesn't like him at lesat).

Loves: No one

A note too, Abelis the more, er, smarter one of the two, and also, has photographic memory too, able to recall anything more or less.

Name: Cain

Gender: Male

Breed: Dalmatian

Eyes: A more reddish color

Age: A tad older than Abel.

Height: Same height as Abel

Appearance: Exactly the same as Abel, except when he takes control of the body, the fur becomes more greyer, but the spots still visable and his eye color becoming the reddish color too.

Description: Almost the same as Abel, except that's he not as nice as Abel and puts down Abnel as well.  Doesn't also think much of others, but yet, is considered an Anti-Hero, as he would help out if he really wanted to, or if thjere was something in it for him.  And also, he's the one that fights between the two, well, is the fighter, so to speak.

Likes: Fighting

Dislikes: Most of the time, whatever it is Abel is doing.

Friends: No one at the moment

Loves: No one

Cain is the one that can easily take control  of the body that they share, but Gabriel can't as much.  And what's more, whenever one is in control, the other one can still talk, but only to whoever's controlling the body, as in, the one in control is the only one that can hear him.  However, when changing bodies, one can tell who is who.  Also, Cain is the fighter of the two and is probaly considered one of the best fighters around, having surpassed Drake.