101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Tic-Tac (Tac for short)
Breed: Dalmatian (Pure Breed)
Collar Collar: Blue
Special Markings: Tac's makings and name come from the distinct spots across his face. Across his eyes are an "X" shaped mark and an "O" shaped mark, that distinguishes him from the rest of the canines upon the farm.

Tic-Tac was semi raised in a happy home, in the sunny suburbs of Florida. There, he lived with his brothers and sisters, Pepper, Rose, Secrets, Lundon, Chopper and Bandit. Of the seven, he was the smallest, and the runt of the litter, however, an outright all and all genius. Tic-Tac is quite possibly the smartest puppy 'alive' boasting an IQ of nearly 400 give or take. Whilst living in Florida, Tic-Tac was quite laid back and spent his days playing games with his family or exploring the wonders of home and life. A rich and high priced lawyer, the family father had multiple homes, one of which was in London. That winter, the family took a trip across the pond to spend the holidays which is when disaster struck.

During the Pup-napping incident, Cruella's goons broke into the house while the family was away, leaving Tac and his family at their mercy. Each and every puppy was stuffed into a bag, while Tic-Tac's mother, Speckles, did what she could to defend her children. Tac happened to free himself just in time to watch his mother clubbed across the skull with a crow bar, her blood splashing across his face, traumatizing the young pup for the rest of his life with an unending surge of nightmares and post traumatic stress.

The puppies, of course, escape with the help of Pongo and Perdita and everyone is adopted, but Tac was never the same. No longer happy-go-lucky and care free, as puppies should be, Tac is jaded, vicious and vengeful of the entire ordeal. He -hates- Pongo and Perdita for 'rescuing' them from Cruella, has a strong distrust towards humans and has a deep disregard for barnyard hero 'lucky' whom seems to be fortune's favorite. Tac is utterly disgusted with the other puppies on the farm, who all seem so very eager to forget their pasts and seem content to stay on this farm and call it 'home'. Did they not have families before? Did they not have homes before the kidnapping? Are they so content to simply pretend nothing happened?! Tac HATES them all with a burning passion but hates Lucky most of all.

Jealous and hateful, Tic-Tac has turned his considerable mental talents against the lucky canine, vowing to 'make things even' so to speak. Tac works very very hard to deal with his trauma and stress (When unable to sleep, he devotes his time and energy to scientific pursuits) whereas Lucky, whom dealt with the same ordeal survived with his parents alive and intact and a home to call his own. Fair or not, Tac has turned his suffering, hatred and dismay towards the horse shoe canine for better or for worse entwining them forever as rivals.

Tac displays a charismatic, and suave personality, oft convincing most of the other puppies he's harmless in his deeds. He is rarely "caught" by Pongo or Perdita or the other puppies when he invokes his talents to something sinister, and always seems two steps ahead of everybody else. However, when one discovers the true horrific nature of his brutal personality and hatred, Tac shows complete and utter disregard for his illusion and goes out of his way to make others suffer when he so sees fit. He is in fact, somewhat popular, which enrages Lucky to no end. So much so, that Tac has developed a small gathering of puppies, much like Lucky, Rolly, Cadpig and Spot.

Aria, Crosswise and Disptick all have managed to come to terms with Tac's personality, and of the very few puppies on the farm, Tac consider's them friends. Or at least, useful enough to keep around and not outright attack. Dipstick was the first puppy to make Tac laugh on the farm after his ordeal with Cruella, Aria and Tac dance an odd, hate-love relationship with one and other, and Crosswise fancies himself Tac's personal servant. (After all, it's better to walk at the devil's side, than be in his path, and what not. )

Tac, and his motey crew take residence in a small toolshed on the outskirts of town, leaving him, mostly out of the reach of the other puppies and isolated. When he does appear, it's often only to gather infomation for another of his schemes against Lucky.